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 Bridge piercing
 Cheek piercing
 Ear Piercing
   Anti-Tragus piercing
   Auricle piercing
   Conch piercing
   Daith piercing
   Earlobe piercing
   Forward Pinna piercing
   Helix Cartilage piercing
   Industrial piercing
   Pinna piercing
   Rook piercing
   Scaffold piercing
   Snug piercing
   Tragus piercing
   Vertical Tragus piercing
 Eyebrow piercing
 Female piercing
   Christina piercing
   Clitoris piercing
   Fourchette piercing
   Horizontal clit piercing
   Inner labia
   Outer labia
   Triangle piercing
   Vertical clit piercing
 Lip piercing
 Male piercing
   Ampallang piercing
   Apadravya piercing
   Foreskin piercing
   Frenum piercing
   Guiche piercing
   Prince Albert piercing
   Scrotum / Hafada piercing
 Medusa piercing
 Navel piercing
 Nipple piercing
 Nose piercing
 Septum piercing
 Snake Bites piercing
 Tongue piercing
 Monroe piercing
 Surface piercing

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 Belly Button Rings
 Captive Bead Rings (CBR)
 Circular Barbells
 Curved Barbells
 Ear Studs
 Internally Threaded Jewelry
 Large gauge
 Lip huggers
 Nipple Rings & Shields
 Nose Studs & Screws
 Nose bones
 Piercing Tapers
 Spiral Barbells
 Straight Barbells
 Loose Ball

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 14k Gold jewelry
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 Acrylic jewelry
 Bioplast jewelry
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 Organic jewelry
 PVD, Black Line
 Titanium jewelry

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 Unique Piercings Types

Piercing Tips

Wrist Piercing

There are so many types of piercing nowadays that it's almost impossible to make the choice. Some piercings have already become so popular that the interest to them is falling. But people don't stop inventing new piercing types and the latest fashion statement is surface piercing. It's for risky persons who want to share out of crowd and get unusual piercing to surprise everyone.

Sternum Piercing

Body piercing is a sign of independence, freedom, defiance and sex appeal for many teens nowadays and they like unusual and unique piercing. The risk of rejection or infection doesn't stop them from getting risky piercing types as well as the attitude of society towards it. Almost all youngsters idealize everything and they want their body look different and great. Piercing is the way to show off and be unique. New locations for piercing are still found and though it seems unreal to have so many piercing types, it's true.

Oral Piercing Types

Body piercing is a part of history and culture. And there have been traditions of body puncturing since ancient times. People have been piercing their bodies for various reasons and if in the ancient world there were mostly religious and symbolic, nowadays men and women all over the world get piercing to change the look, add style to it and become more attractive.

Chin Piercing

Among variety of body piercing types some youngsters choose the most unique and rare types to look different and attractive. There are many types of facial piercing and they have always attracted people because the face is the place where we look most frequently while communicating. There is one unique form of facial piercing that is becoming more and more popular nowadays- it is chin piercing.
Chin piercing is done between the chin and the bottom of the lip. It can be horizontal or vertical and the last is some advisable.

Body Piercing Tips

Body piercing jewelry is a popular way of expressing the individuality these days and a growing number of people go for body piercing to show the beauty of their body, to become more attractive and add sexy look to their style. And the most important things about piercing are the health and the quality and beauty of the body piercing jewelry.

Lip and Tongue Piercing Tips

Generations of people have invented different ways of beautifying and these days we wear stylish clothes, do make-up, add accessories and wear jewelry. For many centuries people have been piercing their body to protect themselves from the evil, as a part of religious rituals, to show their importance in the tribe, as the sigh of courage, as a symbol of wealth and power, etc. And nowadays body piercing is one of the most fashionable trends. It's an art that helps us to express our individuality.

Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

People have been decorating their bodies to look more attractive since ancient times. If we go back to the beginning of times when men were hunters and women were fire keepers, men wore amulets from tusks and other animal parts to show their courage and strength. Later men began to pierce the body and tusks were worn also to frighten the enemy. Then body piercing jewelry became the symbol of power, higher social position and wealth. In most southern tribes and not only body piercing was a part of spiritual rituals. During the last few decades piercing have been growing in

Surface Piercing Types

People have popularized body piercing jewelry and don't stop creating new piercing types. Surface piercings are the latest fashion and if you are interested in getting it you should know the risks and the types of surface piercing.

Nostril Piercing Tips - Which Side to Pierce

Nose piercing is a fashion statement nowadays and there are girls and guys, men and women all over the world who have their noses pierced. There are three types of nose piercing- septum piercing, bridge piercing and nostril piercing. The last is the most common and has a long history. Nose piercing was mentioned in the Old

Nostril Piercing Tips

Body piercing helps us look attractive and stylish. Among available body piercing types we may choose almost everything we want. Any part of the body can be pierced in this or that way. Some piercing types are more popular and some are less, but the availability of body piercing jewelry and types delight the eye.