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Metal hypersensitivity

Sensitivity to nickel has been increasing over time. The government in certain countries is monitoring the metals used for body piercing. Irrespective of whether you are sensitive to a certain metal or not, it is always better to use hypoallergenic metals for body piercing in order to avoid any allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic metals do not give rise to any allergic reaction and thus the piercing heals faster, putting less stress on the immune system. In fact, before undertaking the piercing, the piercer should inquire if you are sensitive to any metal. Many customers are not even aware of the fact that they are sensitive to a certain metal. Sometimes, the customer does not even know what metal is being used for the piercing. Frankly, both the piercer and the customer are responsible for avoiding the use of a metal that the customer is allergic to. The piercer should ask the customer about his sensitivity before proceeding with the piercing. However, if the customer has ever had a skin problem due to the use of a particular metal, this fact should be informed to the piercer. If you get skin irritation with wearing metal-backed wristwatches, metal buttons in jeans or belt buckles, you might have an allergy to nickel, which many people have. According to a European directive, jewelry used initially in a piercing should not contain more than 0.05% nickel. Once the piercing heals, jewelry with a slightly higher percentage of nickel might be used. Nickel-free surgical steel is ideal for initial use in the piercing as it is graded 316L and contains less than 0.01% nickel. The percentage of nickel in 'common' surgical steel is more than 10%. Using Surgical Implantation grade Titanium of the grade 6A1 4V to BS7252 and Niobium in piercings that are new is safe because these metals do not lead to any reactions in the human body. Sometimes, titanium is colored in such a way that no undue reactions are caused. However, the color might fade with time. Silver is generally mixed with other metals like nickel, due to which its use should not be made in the initial stages. 9 carat gold and other low grades of gold have several other metals mixed with them, due to which their use in a new piercing should be avoided. High grade gold such as 24 carat gold is used for making jewelry for occasional use. Pure gold is generally not useful for making jewelry for long-term use because it is very soft. Acrylic jewelry does not usually cause skin irritation, but acrylic jewelry tends to develop breaks easily. This might lead to the development of bacteria and germs. Retainer jewelry that is jewelry made of transperant acrylic in order to make it subdued also poses the same problem. Acrylic jewelry is ideal for temporary use; however, if it is taken care of well and is worn after the piercing heals completely, there are fewer chances of skin problems occurring. PTFE or polytetraflouroethylene is a harmless material that is highly flexible. Many a times, it is used in piercings where hard metal jewelry would lead to rejection on account of the stress at the area. Due to its flexible nature, the stress caused at the area of the piercing reduces and so it accelerates the process of healing of the piercing. In case red and irritated skin develops around the piercing or there is drainage from it or if the area is sore or extremely dry, the user may need to get the jewelry changed to one that is made from biocompatible material.

Piercing Tips
 Body Piercing Tips
Body piercing jewelry is a popular way of expressing the individuality these days and a growing number of people go for body piercing to show the beauty of their body, to become more attractive and add sexy look to their style. And the most ...
 Bridge Piercing Tips
There are so many body piercing types available nowadays that it's sometimes difficult to decide what part of the body and how you want to pierce. Of course, some piercing types are more common and some are less popular. Nostril piercing is ...
 Cartilage Piercing Jewelry
People have been decorating their bodies to look more attractive since ancient times. If we go back to the beginning of times when men were hunters and women were fire keepers, men wore amulets from tusks and other animal parts to show their...
 Chin Piercing
Among variety of body piercing types some youngsters choose the most unique and rare types to look different and attractive. There are many types of facial piercing and they have always attracted people because the face is the place where we...
 Ear Piercing Tips
Body piercing is the hit nowadays and the most common piercing is piercing of the ear. There are different ear piercing types and all of them require special aftercare and cleaning during healing period. It's up for you to decide whether you...
 Industrial Piercing Tips
There are different types of body piercing nowadays and people of different ages and sexes, social positions and lifestyles find something for them to look more attractive and express the personality with piercing. Some prefer classical pier...
 Lip and Tongue Piercing Tips
Generations of people have invented different ways of beautifying and these days we wear stylish clothes, do make-up, add accessories and wear jewelry. For many centuries people have been piercing their body to protect themselves from the ev...
 Nose Piercing Aftercare Recommendations
The popularity of body piercing has been rowing for few decades and the Western world and its social groups have accepted almost all piercing types. In recent times there are several piercings that have become a fashion statement and nose pi...
 Nostril Piercing Tips
Body piercing helps us look attractive and stylish. Among available body piercing types we may choose almost everything we want. Any part of the body can be pierced in this or that way. Some piercing types are more popular and some are less,...
 Nostril Piercing Tips - Which Side to Pierce
Nose piercing is a fashion statement nowadays and there are girls and guys, men and women all over the world who have their noses pierced. There are three types of nose piercing- s...
 Oral Piercing Types
Body piercing is a part of history and culture. And there have been traditions of body puncturing since ancient times. People have been piercing their bodies for various reasons and if in the ancient world there were mostly religious and sym...
 Septum Piercing Tips
Among different types of body piercing available nowadays, there are some that remind us ancient times and tribal aggressive lifestyle more than others. Septum piercing is an e...
 Sternum Piercing
Body piercing is a sign of independence, freedom, defiance and sex appeal for many teens nowadays and they like unusual and unique piercing. The risk of rejection or infection doesn't stop them from getting risky piercing types as well as th...
 Surface Piercing Types
People have popularized body piercing jewelry and don't stop creating new piercing types. Surface piercings are the latest fashion and if you are interested in getting it you sho...
 Wrist Piercing
There are so many types of piercing nowadays that it's almost impossible to make the choice. Some piercings have already become so popular that the interest to them is falling. But people don't stop inventing new piercing types and the lates...

Piercing Common Problems
 Boils and abscesses
When bacteria develop in the tissue and spread to the white blood cells, boils and abscesses are formed. Abscesses develop inside the tissue of the skin and might rupture, which would spread infection in the body. As compared to this...
Infections usually develop when the area of the piercing is tender and fresh. Bacteria and fungi build up at the area and lead to an infection. The body tries to resist this infection by building up white blood cells. Many times, red...
 Metal hypersensitivity
Sensitivity to nickel has been increasing over time. The government in certain countries is monitoring the metals used for body piercing. Irrespective of whether you are sensitive to a certain metal or not, it is always better to use hypoall...
When the jewelry moves to a different position from where it was initially placed, it is called 'migration'. The migrating jewelry tends to move an extremely short distance from its initial position. This situation is also known as 'parking'...
Sometimes, when the skin is cleansed more than necessary using a strong cleanser, it might cause the skin to become very soft and have a plastic-like shine to it. Pus-like liquid might emanate from the area of the piercing. Cleansing the are...
When a piercing is healing, even after the skin tissue heals, it sometimes does not match the tissue around it. The thickness of the healed skin tissue and the scarring patterns differ from one person to another. If a piercing is worn fo...
 Stretching and associated problems
When the diameter of the fistula is enlarged, it is known as stretching of the piercing. In such a situation, the tissue stretches to such an extent that the user can wear jewelry having a larger gauge. The area where the piercing is done af...